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An industrial reality with

an artisan soul

A company founded in 1960 in the heart of a territory, Brianza, which has always been considered the birthplace of design and research in the furniture sector with productive testimonies visible in every corners of the planet... Mobilform is an integral part of this productivity,
it is a fresh and dynamic reality that has chosen to believe in the ideological and expressive abilities of the furniture dealer.

Mobilform offers its productive versatility, co-planning, the development of impossible ideas.

The human at the center of the product

A humanistic vision in which man is placed at the center of the company and is considered the creator and master of a business. We have great confidence in human intelligence and its countless creative abilities and that is why each project is thought and produced through the experience and know-out of professionals, architects, craftsmen for prototyping and skilled workers prepared for the final realization.

Mobilform in the world

60% of the distribution of Mobilform is concentrated on the Italian and European market, and for the remaining 40% in various other countries of the world: the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, India and America, satisfying different tastes and needs thanks to the company flexibility to customize the product according to the fashion or taste of a specific market.

Customised uniqueness: our strength

We deal the project in a personalized way, taking care of all construction and size aspects according to specific needs. Materials, colors, finishes and decorations are used in extreme freedom to create unique and unrepeatable products, coordinating the environment at three hundred and sixty degrees.

From design to product

Architects and interior designers work closely with the client and with the production trying to transform expectations into shared projects with 3D rendering and prototypes for a more precise evaluation. Our production technicians will then follow the processing in all its phases, also guaranteeing an important after-sales service for any adjustment or problems relating to assembly.

Company Profile

How we are

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