An industrial reality with an artisan soul

A Company founded in 1960 in the heart of a land, “Brianza”, which has always been considering the birthplace of design and research for furniture trade, with witnessed productions known in all the corners of the planet… Mobilform is an integral part of this productivity.
Mobilform is a vital and dynamic enterprise that chose to believe in expressive and ideological ability of furniture seller. Not just a container seller but an interior designer source of ideas, thoughts and lifestyles. Thinking to this kind of seller Mobilform offers its versatility in manufacturing, co-design and development of extraordinary ideas.

The man in the middle of the product

A humanistic vision, in which the man is put in the middle of the firm and is considered as maker and owner of the development of a company. We have a big trust in the human mind and in its countless creative skills, this is the reason why every project is thought and produced through the experience and the know-how of professionals, architects, artisan for prototypes and prepared staff for final realization.

Mobilform in the world

60% of Mobilform’s sales are concentrated on italian market, the other 40% refers to the foreign market: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Taiwan, Indonesia and United States of America. We can meet different tastes and needs thanks to our flexibility that allows us to customize products according to the fashion or the taste of a specific market.

Customization: our strong point

We face the project in a customized way following all building and dimentional views in accordance with specific needs. Materials, colors, finishes and decorations are used with utmost freedom to create unique and unrepeatable products, coordinating interiors from A to Z.

From the project to the product

Architects and Interior Designers strictly work with the client and with the production trying to transform expectations into projects, projects shared by 3D rendering and with prototypes so to have a more accurate valuation. Our production technicians will follow manufacture in all its steps, ensuring also an important after-sales service as for any adjustment as for any trouble related to mounting.

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